Guideline to coordinates

What do we mean by coordinates in Google Maps? I know, technology makes the world spin fast. It took Babylonian cartographers a few centuries to reach the goal of the task we are asking you to perform today in order to submit your story the right way. Here goes how.

Firstly, open Google Maps. Afterwards, follow the steps described in these screenshots.



Guidelines for picture submissions

As part of our submission process, we request authors to send us one or more pictures that showcase the location their story depicts. Since we have seen some confusion as to what this means exactly, we thought it might be enlightening to use a few examples.

Let´s assume there is a story about Petra, in Jordan.

The following pictures would be acceptable:

Jordan example good3Jordan example good1Jordan example good2
Jordan example good4










However, these ones would not:

Sample story: Soared into the wind

Here goes a sample story, for you to better conceptualize what this long-winded endeavour to roughly get to know each other is truly all about:

Soared into the wind

windsor locationWindsor web


My father has the ugly habit of taunting me by stating that my knowledge of the city that witnessed my birth and uprising to the boor I have grown to become is restricted to what this colourful reticulum, also called metro map, comprises. He is partially right. I have this underground mole so injected in my own blood that any extended exposure to the surface gives my moral principles rashes right away. The folks loaf about, wander as if possessed by the Holy Spirit. “People, don’t know how to walk along the street”, I mutter now once again to my Andalusian bloke, who follows me breathless, while I settle down to provide a punchy express course on the matter in hand. Go wherever you got to go and wait to figure out the little animals ...Read more