When a tree is shaken

After a long and challenging deliberation process, the jury of the “Two Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest has finally reached a verdict on the five finalists’ stories, which we are now ready to present to you. Without further ado, ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, the honor goes to:

Chaouen, 1936
The Earthquake Patio
Nippur’s Virgin
The city that shares the fate of Saada
At the Tea Vendor’s

Additionally, the Arabian Stories team is delighted to announce the 77 stories that will be translated to both English and Spanish and published over the course of this year in their original and translated versions:

In the name of all those who have already had the pleasure of reading the stories that have been submitted to this second edition of the literary contest the Arabian Stories project runs annually, we would like to thank the contest participants for providing us with a window to their world, which waits to be discovered by those who aren’t afraid of facing the brutal reality of their own human nature.

The popular voting period to select from among the five finalists’ stories the first and second prizewinners begins today. If you have received an invitation per email from the Arabian Stories team, you have until the 4th of March to read the five finalists’ stories and cast your vote through this form.

May wisdom guide you and words transport you!