Meet the Team

Rita Tapia Oregui Rita Tapia Oregui is a platonic cave dweller afraid of leaning out to an outside world over which the burning, merely deictic language casts nothing but the diminishing shadow of a vindictive gavel. Other than that, she likes to go to the theater, play piano, eavesdrop on what’s being said without words—especially if it arrives neatly wrapped in idioms, and boast about having written a novel. For further information, please check her out here.



Jose Garcia Moreno-TorresJose García Moreno-Torres is a curious data scientist who is in charge of the technical side of the Arabian Stories project. Even though he holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, he finds the human intellect a lot more stimulating and is eager to help build a forum to share it. He is an avid world traveler with a passion for exploring the hidden gems of the countries he visits and hopes to discover more amazing wonders within the tales of Arabian Stories’ contributors.



VimuttinanAngela Vimuttinan loves reading and writing. Growing up learning two languages gave her many opportunities to mull over the beauty of words. She became a voracious reader at the age of six and has been writing stories ever since. Angela’s other great passion in life is helping others. Becoming a copyeditor was a natural progression for her since she gets to read every day, think about words, and help people express themselves. She is delighted and honored to be a part of this endeavor to share Arabian stories. Please go here for more information on her editing services.



Ikram Boukayoua
Ikram Boukayoua is an Arabic to Spanish translator and vice versa. Her academic training in Arabic literature and translation has enabled her to appreciate the hidden meaning of words, especially those meant to touch the reader. In reviewing texts, she likes to make sure that everyone is able to express themselves as accurately as possible: the authors and her included. She is proud to be a member of the Arabian Stories team, because she enjoys reading the exquisitely well-written stories contemporary Arabic authors send to the site, which she reckons a wonder to behold.



MusaMusa Alzghoul is a PhD student in translation studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton. He is interested in studying the role translation plays in supporting the creation of a safer world, smoothing communications between different societies, and solving conflicts. He is enthusiastic about Arabian Stories because the project allows him to contribute toward the establishment of a framework through which Arab writers can portray their cities and villages, especially those who have had no choice but to flee and live in exile, carrying nothing from their homelands except their own memories. Please, click on the following link to find out more about him.