Je suis Bardo

Bardo National Museum (Tunis)

All Hamady could hear was the grating sound of sirens. He had recoiled in horror and his heart was beating frantically. The explosion had set his ears ringing. His mouth was dry and his eyes roamed around the scene. A moment ago, he had been almost run over by a car driving directly towards him at full speed. It was the second time he had found himself at the brink of death that day. He wiped a stray tear from his cheek and started recalling the events of earlier that day. For instance, Roberto’s hug. They would probably remain etched in his mind for a long time.

Maria, Emilio, Sofia…later, they would be recognized for their bravery.

He felt proud of them. Now, it all seemed like a distant nightmare. He took a cigarette out of the packet he carried in his pants pocket, placed it between his lips, lit it, drew on it and swallowed its poison. Then, he exhaled the smoke, which slowly billowed its way to the sky. His body loosened up and a ...Read more

Lake Tritonis

Finalist of the “One Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest


Gilisia is a magical land that is said to have been forged by the wind from Eden that Eve stole when she was banished together with our father Adam to God’s backyard. Afterward, it was inherited by the descendants of her pious children.

The story goes that this idyllic spot was controlled by a ferocious dragon with insatiable bloodlust. Everyone shuddered with horror; fear stroke into people’s hearts and spread throughout the realm like cancer. The harsh punishments meted out to the nation made people lose their strength and lashed them into serfdom. They endured the humiliation in deathly silence and competed against one another to cater to the dragon’s demand for the most precious goods such fertile land had to offer. They delivered until the sources had been drained almost to the last drop. They roamed through green and yellow fields up to the point where their legs would hold their weights no longer. They had no wealth left and fell sick from pure exhaustion. Their silence shattered their dreams and those who ...Read more