A Square to Remember

Second prize holder of the “One Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest


I didn’t know the bus was going to drive by Abbassiyyin Square. I had been trying to avoid the square for the past two years, but the elderly driver had decided to round it, heedless of the anguish it might cause passengers to cut across an area loyal to the ranks of the Front.

The bus approaches the entrance to the square bordering the Zabaltani district and drives past some big rubber tires scattered on the side of the road. Despite my stress-induced alertness, at that moment I fail to curb the tide of memories flooding back and drowning my brain. We take a right turn in front of the big sports center named after the square: Abbassiyyin International Sports Center. I had spent hours in front of that building over the last few years, waiting for any means of transport to arrive and take me home to the inner part of the Eastern Ghouta suburbs.

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Choose your own adventure

Insulated from the aftermath of a world split in half, he orbited his traumatic core until

a) his drives were spurred by a stroke of inspiration into reminding him that the world is out there.

b) he felt the urge to get off the bus and assume control of his life.