The Sunken City

Zeiraqun Archaeological Site in the North of Jordan, near Irbid

She knelt over him and pressed a last kiss goodbye on his smooth forehead. She had tried to coil the unappeasable course of time around her finger in order to enjoy the ride on their sweet-scented love boat a little longer, but destiny had condemned her to walk all by herself to where gigantic black menhirs cut the width of the lane in half. The stoniness of their bearing made them as precious as diamonds. How dangerous they would be if they could come alive! But no, the secrets they had been entrusted with over generations by globetrotters who stayed overnight in the sunken city are safe while the city itself is a place whose survival is constantly threatened by the collapse of the rocks its amphitheaters are carved into.

The words he had gasped while battling for his life echoed in her ears. She herself had been ready to drop when she had turned to him, waiting for his last breath to feed her the secret to vanquishing one’s fear ...Read more

Choose your own adventure

I personally advise against taking the treasure hunting pastime to extremes. One might wind up

a) backstabbed by the individual whom one had believed to be an ally but who in truth had merely been after the bounty on one’s head.

b) ghosted by one’s partners if they are not into staging interventions.