A Journey Back Home

230. It can be expressed in numerous ways. Two hundred and thirty, an increase of 277 % in the amount of works the first edition of the “Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest received, a tremendous success. And this is how we feel: ecstatic.

We have already started reading the stories that have been submitted to the “Two Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest and can say hands down that the entries look promising. While discovering some of the places into which our authors’ carefully selected metaphors breathe life, we have often had a hard time trying to curb our desires to immediately begin checking flights and planning our upcoming holidays.

The jury now needs to take some time to first allow our authors’ words to beguile them and then to break free from the finely woven spells. After all, the jury cannot allow them to cloud their good judgement when considering their final verdict on the five stories that deserve to ultimately emerge as the representatives of the five finalists. This is why we are hereby asking you to exercise patience. More specifically, you’ll have to keep yourself in check until the end of February. As soon as we have translated the five finalists’ stories into English and Spanish and subsequently published them on the Arabian Stories website, we will inform both the donor-jurors and the authors of this second edition of the literary contest about the beginning of the period during which votes can be cast to determine the first- and second-prize winners.

Thank you very much to everyone who has participated and/or helped us hold the “Two Thousand Nights and Awakening” literary contest and raise its visibility.

Best regards,
The Arabian Stories team